Dropout UK @ Conspiracy For Good, Victoria House

Mystery Jets Headline End Party

So with Mystery Jets headlining today’s event and free drinks on offer I thought my birthday had come early. I had a bunch of children’s books, a pre requisite to gaining entry, and an insatiable appetite for aphrodisiacal merry making. This was the Conspiracy For Good end event party, which took place in the charming Victoria House.

Conspiracy For Good is an augmented reality drama, a first-of-its-kind, interactive story, which empowers its audience to take real-life action and create positive change in the world. Created by Heroes creator Tim Kring it takes place on the Internet, on mobile phones and offline and with the audience playing the part of activists and supporters of the eponymous organisation, Conspiracy For Good, this is a unique foray into raising awareness of world issues.

When dropping off my books, which were destined for Zambian children, I included a Polish number about global warming….hopefully they will understand that tricky Slavic language. They will love the Enid Blyton if not.

The multitude gathered in their marvelous and carefully selected attire. Brimming with excitement, faces lustrous. Hordes of merry makers surrounded the bars eagerly waiting for the free drinks and while I waited for my ginger beer cocktail I couldn’t help but notice the prettiness that is Mischa Barton. I used to adore you when the O.C. first started…the emotion of when you died is all coming back to me. As I wiped away the tears and pretended to be fine I could hear the beginning of the entertainment.

A fierce Jamaican bred MC going by the name Nadirah X popped up on stage. She cleverly combines elements of hip-hop, reggae, soul and spoken word. People have been exclaiming that “she is revolutionary in mind and music” and one could see that when looking at the crowds vivacious and loving response. But when Dave Stewart (one half of multi-platinum duo The Eurythmics) got involved and started playing simple chords as if he was playing air guitar I lost interest and with Mystery Jets up next I didn’t really care about anything else!

So Mystery Jets were here, beautiful and charming, catchy and alluring. I love these guys so much! I remember seeing them back when they were unknown, my limbs flailed and my eyes lit up. I couldn’t help myself this time around too and my tears from my Mischa Barton moment came back but for totally different reasons. With hits like Two Doors Down and Flakes, the multitude sang as loud as humanly possible, adoring smiles coupled amorous hugs gave this that enchanting feeling I always look forward to at a Mystery Jets gig. Ending with Behind the Bunhouse, it capped a delightful night made special by these Londoners.

Love and Hugs.

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