Dropout UK @ Wolf & Badger Summer Party, Notting Hill

We Enter The World Of Boutique Designers

New designers and new seasonal stock; ice cream, smiles and Pimms o’clock. For those of you who don’t know Wolf and Badger is a super cute boutique situated in the heart of Notting Hill. As a unique lifestyle store, it is a delightful showcase for the best design talent from the UK and beyond and is an iridescent gem in the boutique world.

Upon entering, I was greeted with an abundance of captivating coiffures, charismatic pouts and empty glasses galore…these lovely people were on the Pimms already…Where do I get mine from kind Sir?

So, this lovely boutique boasts fashion, accessories, jewellery and homeware and its new collection glistened like a million beauteous bonfires; perfectly placed, and concisely hand picked.

Fringing, suede, super soft leather, studs, chiffon, feathers, and frills all graced the rails. Sia Dimitriadi’s collection stood out, provoking admiring gasps and wistful stares. Her frothy offerings included enchanting feather capes and sheer ice cream chiffon fit for any fashionista.

Natalie C also made her presence felt with her skillful play on traditional broderie anglaise and serene palette. This lady has deftly covered all the seasons’ essentials from her peach cigarette pants to her unique tasseled dress.

Braille, a label that only debuted last season, championed the men’s wear section. The brands creative director, Samuel Kientsch, was there to give insight into his designs, his skinny fit woolen trousers and paneled jackets reflecting his creative translation of untamed landscapes. I want those skinny woolen trousers please!

Galstern make amazing tights! Hosiery has been brought to a new level and even the £45 price tag won’t be enough to deter the masses although expect cheap copies in Topshop very soon! Adorned with studs and printed with vivacious patterns they will make you drool and make you need like tights never have before.

Dri Dri's sensational Gelato from just down the road kept the fashion crowd satisfied and the Pimms kept their cheeks rosy. Beautifully absorbing and sartorially sacrosanct, this boutique is a triumph and may it long continue to champion new designers. Let’s hold hands and go and get afterparty cocktails from The Lonsdale please.

Big smiley face!

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