Dropout UK @ Tiesto & Pendulum Live From Victoria Park

Fresh Off The Kaleidoscope Tour Club King Tears Down Outdoor Gig

Fresh off the back of the sensational 'Kaleidoscope' UK tour, Tiësto announced a return to London's Victoria Park following last year's outdoor gig that attracted over 25,000 of the UK's biggest clubbers. Dropout UK were there to engage in the art of making crazy shapes.

On walking in, one couldn’t help but have a salacious appetite for making crazy shapes and yearn for beautifully playful times.

This year’s show set out to be even bigger and with Pendulum in support, even the most reluctant dancers would not be able resist frolicking around. Life has never been so marvelous for these Aussies, as Immersion is their first no. 1 album but when their epic hits of yester year sailed over the crowd, limbs flailed precariously and shadows danced energetically. If one ever needs songs to generate lots of body odour Tarantula and Slam are definitely top of the list. Pendulum have not forgotten their roots, far from it, they have built and tweaked and toiled and evolved, incorporating styles such as dubstep, heavy metal and electro house. This was much to Goldie’s displeasure but I can safely say none of the crowd cared for what that gold-toothed critic had to say. They were having a delightful time.

So Tiësto was here. Smiles were still radiant, pupils were still dilated, hugs were rife and breasts were out. Everybody knows Tiësto, yes yes, he has won every award a trance DJ can possibly win and he has won them so many times people have lost count. Not many DJ’s can make an eclectic mix of people numbering in the thousands dance like crazy puppets. The smiles from the crowd glistened like a million beauteous bonfires. These were the smiles of people delightfully intoxicated and alluringly mesmeric. The astounding sound and visuals radiated around the park, intoxicating yet charming, energetic yet sensual.

This 4 hour set was one of his most intriguing. Just like Pendulum, Tiesto’s latest offering was more experimental than his previously more ‘trancy’ albums. Tiësto feels that his music is evolving in a new direction and the people who adored him before, still adore him now. You’re like a fine wine sir, expensive yet sublime. Good day to you! J

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