Dropout UK @ I-Tunes Festival: Plan B & Tinie Tempah, The Roundhouse, Camden

The Boys Put On A Great Show As I-Tunes Annual Festival Draws To A Close

London’s iTunes Festival is coming to a climax, and there was no let up in quality on Monday night as Plan B and Tinie Tempah’s homecoming performances were greeted with unanimous approval at Camden’s Roundhouse. Performing first, Tinie’s set was typically animated and dynamic, his breakout single ‘Pass Out’ closing a set that featured material old and new.

Bursting onto the stage with considerable gusto and swagger, he commenced with tracks due to appear on his debut album, ‘The Disc-Overy’. As expected of such a successful single, ‘Frisky’ was met with uniform approval from the crowd. Also, proving their loyalty, his following appeared delighted with his performance of 2009 mixtape track ‘Tears’.

Currently in the process of completing his LP - in New York among other places - Tinie certainly did not appear jetlagged, introducing the audience to ‘Invincible’ and awaited third single ‘Written in the Stars’. The concluding ‘Pass Out’ was particularly adrenalised, described by Tinie himself as ‘the song that made everything happen’.

But headline act Plan B was certainly not eclipsed. Menacingly prowling the stage throughout, ‘B’ provided a unique spectacle that was befitting of his recent surge in popularity and acclaim. His interaction with his musicians was enjoyable; the number one album ‘The Defamation of Strickland Banks’, and his new prominent croon, has facilitated an interesting and complex live show.

Thematically tied to his concept album, and related to his fictitious creation Strickland Banks, his attire was formal (as was the wardrobe of his accompanying performers). Beginning with songs taken from the aforementioned release, Plan B then chose to cover Paolo Nutini’s ‘Coming up Easy’. Following this was a new song he claimed had been written in the aftermath of the ‘Strickland Banks’ album, but remained similar to that previous batch of material. Titled ‘Make Me Your Religion’, he confidently urges a female to forego concerns pertaining to blasphemy and idolatry.

From this point, Plan B was enjoyably capricious, altering the tone of the performance by singing/rapping love tale ‘Charmaine’ from his 2006 freshman effort ‘Who Needs Actions When You Got Words’. As Tinie Tempah had done before him, B ended his set on an unbelievable high with a rendition of recent smash ‘Stay Too Long’. Prior to this though, he incorporated the vocal talents of beatboxing comrade Faith SFX to create a bizarre dubstep hodgepodge, consisting of his take on songs made famous by Seal (‘Kiss from a Rose’) and Dr. Dre/Eminem (‘Forgot About Dre’).

Great show lads!

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