LIVE: Corinne Bailey Rae @ Somerset House, Summer Series

Beautiful Singer Charms Crowd At Intimate Outdoor Gig

After playing out all over the world, last night London finally welcomed home Corinne Bailey Rae. Performing at an intimate gig at the capital’s Somerset House: Summer Series, the outdoor gardens made the perfect setting for the stars homecoming, and Dropout UKwere invited…

Despite arriving extra early the scenic venue filled up quickly and we were soon rubbing shoulders with Corinne’s mixed fan base of: young and old, males V’s females, and straight and gays. All eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of the petite songstress.

Unlike other big gigs and festivals there was no oversized digital clock, counting down the minutes and seconds until the stars appearance. Instead a very casual and barefooted Miss Rae strolled on to the stage and donned her electric guitar. The crowd went a little crazy.

With Corinne’s sophomore album: ‘The Sea’ being released earlier this year and there still being a lot of love and hype surrounding her debut album - no one knew what to expect in terms of song selection...Well, we were treated to a sweet mix of all things old and new.

Backed up by her ‘favourite’ 5 piece band Corinne took the audience on a musical journey with extraordinary highs and rock bottoms lows. The crowd swayed to the mellow acoustics of ‘Paris Nights and New York Mornings’, sang along to the bluesy beats of her new single ‘Closer’ and of course bobbed around to the pop classic: ‘Put Your Record On.’

Live, Bailey’s voice is naturally raw and intensifying, but still remains soft and subtle, perfect for the song ‘Love Is on It’s Way’. This is Corinne’s first politically focusd track, its chilling and haunting message of social responsibility silenced the Somerset House audience. Afterwards muttering “I love this track, I’m glad you liked it” simply shows Rae’s sincerity.

Performing for an hour with a constant smile on her face, there was a genuine artist - audience connection with Rae bouncing about on stage, waving, and making chit chat with her fans. This friendly rapport gave a deeper meaning to the track: ‘Like a Star’, played acoustically the emotion behind the lyrics was overbearing, and you could feel the stars recent love loss, pain, and triumph.

Ditching her usual cute and flouncy summer dress style, for a black dominatrix and demure inspired jumpsuit. Last night Corinne Bailey Rae epitomised growth, still a raw talent but one that has grown personally and artistically, now singing from an entirely new and mature perspective.

It’s maybe not until you watch someone perform live that you realise their true talent. We’ve always been fans of Miss Bailey Rae, but last night verified why…. She is merely mesmerising.

‘Closer’ is released on August 2nd

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