Dropout UK @ Top Shop Bandstand Private Picnic, Birmingham

Dropout UK Are Invited To Birmingham To Join The Folks Attending Topshops Band Stand In Aid Of The Teenage Cancer Trust

I Blame Coco's
  • I Blame Coco's
  • Miquita Oliver (Presenter)
  • Nadine Khouri
  • Abi Harding
  • Blue Roses
  • Lewis Garland and the Kett Rebellion

What a fantastic day for a picnic in park! And we lucky souls at Dropout UK were invited to do just that on Sunday 20th June. With a pre-packed picnic and pleated blanket at the ready we arrived in Edgbaston to soak up the unusually hot sun, with a day expected to please.

So we were in, set in the beautiful back drop of lakes and fields, and surrounded by tree hidden university dorms the site was cool and inviting and we couldn’t wait to find our spot on the already filling grass. Wow, what a stylish event we must say. There was no doubt that the sponsors were the High street fashion leaders at Topshop as every picnicker to be seen was dressed like they were fresh from the pages of a glossy magazine, and we couldn’t help but do a little window shopping from the financial safety of our grassy spot. We had just enough time before the entertainment fully kicked in to check out what was on offer, and we were not disappointed!

So what was on offer? Aside from the wallet worthy window shopping that could have happily taken us through the day, we had our face painted in festival styled graffiti (and our arms and tums too!), topped up our picnics with the delicious delights of the mini muffin stand (a favourite amongst the crowd and entertainment!), and tried most of the flavours of the vitamin water, for research of cause... and took a couple of bottles home!

Probably the second scariest activity we dabbled in all day (we’ll come back to the first) was the Roller skates to hire. For a mere £4 per hour they were rolling out of the stall faster than Jenson Button, and we wish we could have said the same for us. But alas, our feet were not meant for roller blades, so we moved on, defeated by the hundreds who managed to pull it off in style. Other extras included a hot and cold food canteen, a bar, shop and even free suntan cream by Dermalogica, invited by those caring souls at Topshop, and available from the comfort of your beach towel come picnic blanket. And if sitting on the grass wasn’t for you there was a Stylish ‘Sun Shade’ area that screamed VIP and yet was open for all and completely free!

Before we tackled some more of the Bandstand’s activities we decided to enjoy some of the other entertainment Topshop’s Bandstand had to offer: The Bandstand itself!

With a fantastic line up, we spread out our blanket and naughty nibbles to enjoy (ssshhh... we deserve it after all that roller skating!)

Acts included: Eliza Doolittle with her sweet songs coupled by those straight-to-the-point lyrics. It’s not hard to see why she’s a fave for the radio playlists at the moment, and the crowd loved her.

Following Eliza Doolittle are quirky 1950’s styled DJ duet Broken Hearts,and Summer Camp whose acoustic, folky sounds were perfect for a picnic. The band too oozed chemistry and fought off rumours in quick witted style to any shenanigans between the pair, but we couldn’t help but hope the heat would get to them and they would run off into the sunset together, hand in hand! Following the talented pair were the sultry, huskier tones of the fantastic I Blame Coco: The band fronted by none other than Sting’s daughter is set for big things this year. By this point the crowd were in full party mood and many were on their feet dancing when crowd favourite ‘Welsh Indi pop stars’ Los Campesinos filled the awesome sound system with their eccentric collaboration of instruments.

The lovely Miquita Oliver tied it together perfectly and reminded us of the other dangerous activity we had tried that day: ‘Sports Day....’ We had failed to make the finals, in fact we had failed to make the third step in our attempt at the three legged race! But we were not sore losers and went over to the ‘sports field’ area to watch the finals unfold! And what an ankle biting, welly wagging, sack race diving final it was. With such prizes as an IPod Nano, Hunter Wellies, Love Box Festival tickets and £100 Topshop vouchers on offer, it was no surprising the competition was lively to say the least, and even Brazil vs. Ivory Coast needed a referee less than these stylishly adorned mean competitors that were throwing themselves across the finish line!

So with the competition closed and the results in we asked one lucky winner what he thought of his victory. IPod Nano winner Martyn Mellerick said: “It feels pretty special!” We couldn’t help but be green with envy but with the picnic in the park coming to its close we saluted all the winners, sat back and enjoyed the awesome tunes of the beautiful and talented DJ: Blond Ambition.

Fantastic Day…

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