Dropout UK @ 2nd Birthday Of "Proud" Camden

Celebrating With Amy Winehouse And Friends

So here we are, 'Proud' is 2! Dropout UK were invited to share in the birthday elegance. This place is a hub for gorgeous cheekbones, vivacious charm and drunken loveliness and has been at the heart of some of Camden’s most beautifully playful nights. You will drink in a stable surrounded by beautiful people…..this is all one needs to know about Proud and tonight being its birthday was always going to make this a super special night! Who was tonight’s mystery person …..Amy Winehouse! Yes yes yes! I love you Proud, you even manage to steal people from rehab/hospital/prison!

We ambled around admiring the beautiful stables, the lovely artwork, the free drinks and the stripper pole. We will get on Proud, really well. This place is simply delightful!

Walking into the VIP area we were met with a sea of perfectly defined cheekbones, peep toe wedges and flamboyant feathers and there seemed to be an alluringly eclectic mix of people, eccentric yet accessible, energetic yet calm.

But wait, is that a tramp I see?! Nope, just the legend that is Jarvis Cocker. We love you Jarvis, nobody can pull off the homeless look better than you. You look splendid sir. Sheffield’s finest was tonight’s compere and a perfect one he was.

Ayah Marar, some may know her from collaborating with Jack Penate, started off on the live stage and with her exotic sounds and amazing story, the audience gathered round the stage as if huddled round a campfire, tapping away, fixated on her captivating beguile. She truly is one too watch!

The singer songwriter from Tennessee, Lauren Pritchard, also impressed with her soul and gospel influences radiating through the crowd just as the sun had done a few hours before. It simply put a smile on ones face, nothing more, nothing less.

So what do we need now, it’s a birthday party after all….a stripper, yes, that will do. We actually thought it was Christina Aguilera, but no, her record sales aren’t doing that bad. Sad face. Still we were transported back into a 50s porno, posh, tight white dress, diamonds, feathers…thumbs up….and when she started pouring champagne over everyone we had our cups at the ready.

Now for the headline act. Professor Green. Already with a number one under his belt if you haven’t heard Kanye West or Lily Allen raving about this boy, he is about to be massive. No, he’s not a professor and he probably doesn’t recycle but he’s about to be big. Born and bred in Hackney, his London charm shone through, entertaining all before him, quick-witted and offensive, charming yet harsh and half way through his set a mystery person jumped on stage……none other than Amy Winehouse!! But before you start stubbornly exclaiming that she is dead or in rehab, she is not. She is alive and well, was she drunk? Maybe. But she still managed to get on stage to sing a song with Professor Green. This lady is Camden royalty, yes she may look like a hedge and she may have the literacy skills of a 10 yr old, but she is still royalty. Yes she is! Oohs and Aahs rang out and the crowd revelled in this unique moment, savouring every bodacious second. Professor Green exclaimed on his facebook that he “Just tore Camden a new one! Amy Winehouse jumped on stage and sung just be good to green!!” You’re right son, you did, but just promise me you’ll recycle u silly sausage.

On this pretty day there really was no better place to be. Happy Birthday Proud!


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