Dead Man Running Premiere!

Footballers, Pop Stars And Rappers Enjoyed A Crime Fuelled Evening!

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When management told me I would be covering the ‘Dead Man Running’ Premiere last night, I was obviously a little excited, not just because I’m a gangster film buff, but I’m a really huge 50 Cent admirer and everytime he has visited our this country, I’ve been unable to make the date (date meaning ‘event’ as opposed to date meaning ‘date’. Just thought I’d clear that one up...) I wasn't going to miss this one, even if I sprained my ankle on the tube, then got pick-pocketed of my Blackberry and wallet walking towards the venue!

The first image I saw upon arriving at the red carpet fashionably late was the heavenly figure of Melanie Brown aka Mel B. The beauty was wearing a sparkly black halterneck dress which struggled to contain her famously bounteous bosom. With her curled hair she was confidently posing for the mouth-drooling camera men.

Pop star Jamelia and recently re-formed So Solid Crew singer Lisa Maffia went for the leggy look. I didn’t expect all this glamour in support of a good old lads movie!

Jamelia showed off her svelte figure in a tiny red satin mini-dress and Christian Louboutin heels. Although the randomly big red bag didn’t do any favours.

Lisa also went for a risqué look with her sheer blue dress, which gave onlookers a peek at her bra (Honestly, I really did try to look elsewhere…).

The film's relatively unknown female stars Monet Mazur, totally delivered in her multi-coloured metallic dress.

But enough of all these curves and smiles… Here come the boys!

Rio Ferdinand and England team-mate Ashley Cole, who were significant investors in the movie, had a turn on the red carpet. While Rio was accompanied by his new wife Rebecca, Ashley flew solo as wife Cheryl Cole is busy promoting her debut solo album and working on The X Factor.

The gangster movie - which stars Tamer Hassan as an ex-convict who has 24 hours to pay back a villainous loan shark, played by US rapper 50 Cent - is a really great movie that should do great things for the investors' burgeoning media portfolios. I think the man of the moment, 50 Cent, wanted to make sure of that with a not so discreet entrance to the red carpet in a flashy white Rolls Royce. Sweet!

That did it for me, although we never got to have a chat with man as his flunky hastly ushered him away. I think it might have been my ‘Robbie Williams X-Factor eyes’ that caused this… We’ll meet again.

Overall, a great evening.

Dead Man Running is released nationwide 30th October.

Click ‘More Images’ above to take a look at some red carpet shots.

If you're yet to see the trailer, click the play icon below.


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