Grace Nightclub VIP Private Launch Party!

A Nightclub With A '20's Inspired Twist...

Peaches Geldof
  • Peaches Geldof
  • Kimberly Stewart

Dropout were invited to the launch party for Grace Nightclub in Picadilly yesterday. I went to check it out…

My first impressions of the nightclub were that the design was great, it's one of those venues that looks bigger than it really is, thanks to this design. If you don’t want to see the same person twice, or if you'd like to be a little private, this spot can cater to both requirements.

As VIP guests it was the usual set-up: Mingling with attendees, a little networking and the most important part, trying to find a section in the club to call home, as all that indecisive wandering around the room can become a little obvious after the 4th time!

Peaches Geldof was in attendance alongside Antony Specter and Kimberly Stewart. Throughout the duration of the night she barely cracked a smile. It's reported that she charges up to £5000 for a personal appearance! I would be off to the bank canceling my cheque if I were the organisers, as the only impact Peaches had on the plase was asking the majority of press to disperse from the VIP area… The cheek!

Besides from the pointless presence of Peaches, Grace Nightclub could definitely be a successful spot for the burlesque orientated, fun loving adulteen who just may want to sit down and relax with a significant other for a while....

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