BBC Electric Proms: Robbie Williams' Comeback Gig!

Stage Fright? You must be joking!

Last night was very exciting for me as I had grown up staring at a Smash Hits Poll Winner’s poster of Robbie Williams, until we moved house and it wasn’t too practical to take the door of a cupboard with us (I had superglued the picture to my wardrobe door if you hadn’t guessed...). When I got the e-mail that tickets were available for Robbie Williams's comeback gig at The Roundhouse for BBC Electric Proms to complete a review, I skipped the usual ‘reply to e-mail’ protocol and immediately made the call to management expressing, or rather confessing, why I should complete this review. A little flustered, and clearly overwhelmed by this, management agreed (like they had a choice!) RESULT!

With all the noise made about Williams being unable to perform due to incapacitating stage fright, you could easily forget that the man has been performing as a solo artist for the past 13 years, and has had 29 singles in the top 20 over his career.

Well last night all that stage fright hulaballoo got thrown out window as he commanded that stage with his legendary poise and swagger, Williams proved he was, and still is, amongst the best in the business.

At last night’s one-off gig, which was the opening night of the BBC’s Electric Proms, Williams kicked off with his latest track Bodies - which was just beaten to the number 1 spot by the ‘X-Factor Express’ and the beautiful Alexandra Burke - which proved his return to form as a worthy hit-maker.

During a smooth and near flawless performance it became evident that he was going to treat the crowd to plenty of vintage Robbie anthems, fused with hot new material from his soon-to-be released album Reality Killed The Video Star.

Following a strange ‘wide-eyed and sweating’ performance on ITV’s X Factor which grabbed the headlines for all the wrong reasons, the star seemed to dress down in jeans and a shirt, allowing the crowd to solely focus on his performance.

He did away with his trademark opener Let Me Entertain You to debut forthcoming sure-fire hits including his next single You Know Me, electro-pop track Starstruck and Deceptacon.

Whilst introducing No Regrets he spoke of his reconciliation with his former Take That band mates, and in a shock revelation, even announced: “I’ve got a new best friend and his name is Gary Barlow.” This was a clear sign that he's been working on his demons.

He dedicated the traditional love song Won’t Do That’ to his girlfriend Ayda Field who was in the audience, which broke many a female heart at the intimate Camden venue.

Before the gig, Robbie had revealed that he was unsure if he would be able to get the better of his nerves, but if the night was the result of fighting these, Dropout need to start getting nervous!

You sure did entertain us Mr Williams!

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