Dropout UK @ 4,3,2,1 Press Screening

Noel Clarke Switches Things Up On His Latest Effort.

Following the great success of ‘Kidulthood’ and ‘Adulthood’, it’s definitely safe to say that Noel Clarke has done it again! Another film proving that Britain really does have talent, Dropout UK were in attendance at the private screening of ‘4,3,2,1’ in Trocadero, Covent Garden.

Entering the theatre, and there stood the creator, Noel Clarke, with a great look of accomplishment combined with excitement, written all over his face. By the sudden bursts of laughter and constant fidgets in between snap shots, it was difficult to judge whether his body language was reflecting pure enthusiasm or an attempt to mask nervousness with a hint of uncertainty, either way it seemed to be encouraging everyone who had been invited to begin making their way into the screening. Everyone quickly made themselves comfortable. With not an empty seat in the house, the theatre soon grew silent as the lights dimmed, it was finally crunch time for Clarke!

From the very beginning the film immediately has a tight grip on the attention of the audience, an opening scene displaying everything including sexy ladies, guns, diamonds AND a suicide, who would even think about diverting their eyes from the screen? Here you meet four girls, Shannon, Cassandra, Kerrys and Jo, within the first ten minutes, the audience soon come to realise that they’re no ordinary group of friends. Throughout the film, the four girls individually go through the most extreme experiences in three days. Similarly to Kidulthood, the film raises awareness on common but yet hidden issues that a majority of young teens may be faced with as well as not so everyday events. After all, its not everyday we find a gun in the corner shop after just crashing straight through it with our brothers stolen car! However, this is the whole reason it's classed as a drama right? Without the extremities, our eyes wouldn't be so fixed to screen.

Just from watching the trailer, its clear that this film is definitely not for the 'saint'-hearted. For some, the vast amount of violence, cussing and sex may be a bit too much, but by the look on most of the men's faces in the room, a lot of the scenes are OBVIOUSLY appreciated! With the target audience being young adults, the film also captures the females by displaying the aspect of true friendship between women. Every woman knows how important their girls are and this film is perfect for making us realise how valuable they can be. Therefore you could go with almost anyone to see this film, although I wouldn't advise anyone taking their mother!

Although '4,3,2,1' proves to be a great accomplishment, the constant recycling of the same old characters, seems to be dragging on a bit now. It could be argued that the chemistry between the actors continue to do Clarke proud, it's what works for him, as they say, if it aint broke...However, the point still stands that there are so many more talented young people all over Britain waiting to be discovered, who should be given the opportunity to show what they can offer to the big screen.

Overall, without a doubt, '4,3,2,1' can be seen as a huge step up from Clarke's last film, 'Adulthood'. Once again he proves to be multi talented displaying the fresh ideas of a director as well as performing the many faces of a truly developed actor, all in one film. This one looks like it'll be a great success. Mr Noel Clarke, here at Dropout, we applaud you!

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