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  • Jamie Winstone

Last night Dropout UK caught the Piccadilly line all the way to Leicester Square to watch one of the most popular artists in the UK right now, Plan B.

After getting the lift to the third floor, Dropout entered the room just before 8pm to be greeted with many televisions with 'Activisions' latest driving game ‘Blur’, free mini-cheeseburgers and to our delight, an open bar too. The stage was already set up with Plan B’s signature logo sitting proudly on the drum-set. The first DJ was playing up-beat house/dance music, before the second came on and straight away played Shelia by Jamie T. A complete switch of sounds before moving onto old skool American Hip-Hop and Rap…

Plan B’s rise to fame has been full of twists and turns. He’s hopped from genre to genre to finally find a sound where he’s comfortably sitting. The one time rapper is now a full-blown soul singer, and it’s not hard to see why he’s so popular. Even the likes of Alexandra Burke, Daisy Lowe and Jamie Winstone joined us to have a look!

Around 9pm, anticipation started to build and the crowd moved towards the dance floor. At 9:15pm, we finally saw the man of the moment. There was a great atmosphere at the usually heaving nightclub.

Taken from his latest album that hit number one in the charts, Plan B kicked off his performance with The Recluse. Supported by three back-up singers, two guitarists and his drummer they most definitely brought that track to life!

After the opening song, the crowd got into the swing of things. By the time he played chart-topper She Said heads were bopping and feet were tapping. Plan B most definitely had a Robbie Williams-esque feel to him, which is amazing considering this genre is still relatively new to him.

She Said was followed by the announcement of his forthcoming single, Prayin’. Another soulful track with the maracas shaking throughout, Mr Ben Drew has another potential top ten on his hands with this one, maybe even a top five. The audience was now in full-swing. Looking around you could see anyone who knew the lyrics singing along, if they didn’t, the smiles on their faces were a pleasure to see. When the free bar is empty, you know you’re doing something right to distract the crowd.

Plan B covered Coming Up Easy by Scottish singer/songwriter Paulo Nutini and most definitely did it justice.

There was a sigh of disappointment when he announced this was his final song of the night. The night finished with B’s top ten hit, Stay Too Long. The now soul-man let everything loose and put in a full-hearted performance for his one. Sweat was running across his forehead, his dancing was full of energy and you could see afterwards, he was spent! Stay Too Long was the highlight of the night. A round of applause followed each track, but the final one was the loudest one by a long shot. If B had planned to go out and entertain the crowd the best way he could, he succeeded (pardon the pun!)

We walked away with a smile on their face, a free bottle of water in hand to counter-balance the beer, and Oyster card in hand ready for the train.

The boy did good!

Blur will be available for purchase from 28th May

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