Dropout UK @ TOGETHER, Coronet

Kelis, Tinchy Stryder & The Hottest DJs Head Down South

So Kelis and Tinchy Stryder descended on the Coronet in Elephant n Castle. Dropout UK were invited to marvel at the talent on show. Kelis has been off the radar for me, thought she might be doing commercials for Campbell’s soup…..and Mr Stryder has been on my radar too much! Every time I switch on the TV he’s there with another song. He manages to get the hits in, gets people to hum to his tunes but sometimes the Mute button is a great addition to my remote control. I guess that’s a good thing!

As I strolled through the front door I was greeted with what can only be described as airport security. I was surprised not to see any dogs barking at me as I stripped down. I didn’t really strip down but this was South London so I was expecting to do so on the way home. I was hoping for a smile from the massive headed bouncer….want a milkshake son? I quipped. No reply, oh well.

I ambled around observing the vivacious mix of lovely people grinding away in an audaciously urban way. Entertaining yet elasticated, this crowd were surely here to drunkenly make shapes which pleased me greatly. Tinchy swaggered out in his signature puffa jacket and started his set with gusto, playing to the crowd, hopping around and with hits like ‘no.1’ and ‘you’re not alone’ you can understand the crowd’s improvised dance moves. Tinchyyyy you’re so small, like a lost child, but you do know how to work a crowd and when Mr Stryder was joined by two of his chums, they all jumped around as if they were trying to reach the top shelf in a newsagent, in a really enjoyable way.

So Kelis soon, yes, cool, milkshake, one more look at my watch, good. But to everyone’s surprise YoYo DJs came on and started their set and played some proper floor fillers which got people flapping about, and with their signature superrr sleek eclectic mixing on show u can understand why they have flung themselves into the limelight. So when one of the DJs announced that Kelis was running late everyone sighed, flapped about a bit and waited patiently…the typical English way. Nearly 2 hours late…Kelis, really?! I will never buy ANY soup you EVER endorse! And afterwards I found out that her managers had got two bottles of vodka from the bar long before she got on stage. I’m 100% positive she had not a sip of it (I don’t want to get sued thanks). She played a mixture of her hits, fusing, chopping and changing between each with her energetic ego on show from the outset. Her gig in Brighton a few hours before didn’t seem to have sapped her energy and the crowd’s tiredness and annoyance of her lateness was quickly a thing of the past because everyone went on to make every possible shape one can make with the human body. A million glittery things fell from the sky as she ended with a lovely rendition of the Black Eyed Peas song ‘I gotta feeling’. Cover me in glittery things Kelis yes! But don’t come late again! I do actually fancy some milkshake though.

Nite Nite x

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