Dropout UK @ X-Box Reverb Private Party, Village Underground

Gamers & Industry Cool Kids Come Out For Free Drinks On Behalf Of Games Company

Dropout UK went three quarters of the way to Shoreditch this week to catch the likes of The Maccabees, La Shark, Nick Grimshaw and Jameela Jamil at Xbox Reverb Private Party.

Eager to arrive we were among the first to trickle into what was, at first glance, a high budget house party; complete with ‘DJ Hero’, ‘Lips’ and access to ‘Facbook’ and ‘Twitter’. The only thing missing from the room scattered with clusters of young, attractive, well dressed people were the over crowded sofas we have come to consider a house party staple.

With the help of reasonably (by London standards) priced drinks; the crowd soon picked up: by the time the ever-glamorous Jameela Jamil, in a floor length black dress, began to flood the room with floor-fillers such as Blur’s “Boys and Girls” and Justice vs. Simian’s “We Are Your Friends”, there was an impressive turnout for a Thursday night. To her credit, despite having made fairly obvious track choices, ‘Gimmy’ and Jameela’s set managed to break the ‘too cool to dance’ atmosphere that so often accompanies these kind of events.

La Shark had the unenviable job of competing with the very popular DJ Hero podiums and grappling with some apparent technical difficulties. Charismatic and eccentric as ever, Samuel Geronimo Deschamps appeased the crowd with rambling of his passion for Jazz and a seemingly nonchalant request that we show our support for the band by pressing a button at the designated podium – some pretty swanky technology if you ask us. The band’s energetic performance in their opening song “1958” continued relentlessly through their entire set complete with Samuel repeatedly leaping off the stage to seduce and break the hearts of arty single girls throughout the room.

The edgy, red brick alcoves made this exactly what you would expect for an off Brick Lane venue only without the irritated aggression you so often get with bouncers. In general the staff seemed friendly and genuinely pleased to be there; perhaps a result of the primarily upbeat, unassuming nature of the crowd. Earlier acts milled around the room and became part of the audience, united in excitement for the headlining act.

While good, Last FM’s music for music listeners (as opposed to crowd-pleaser) style DJ set did little to distract from the growing feeling of anticipation. Faces such as that of Mathew Horne were disregarded as the headlining slot approached. Devoted fans were in no way disappointed when The Maccabees finally took the stage. Within the first few bars of “William Powers” the room was overflowing. We can only imagine the thrill of looking out at such a passionate throng of people; hands raised, jumping and singing your songs back at you. Every song was greeted with an enthusiastic scream, although, none more so than “Toothpaste Kisses”.

The evening came to a peak with The Maccabees final number “Love You Better” at the end of which Orlando Weeks dived head first on to the sea of hands below him.

Decked out with an array of high-end technology and games, the event was, without doubt, every music savvy computer geek’s idea of a wet dream. Tugging the heartstrings of Droupout UK’s inner gamer, this was the ideal way to spend a Friday night… only on a Thursday.


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