Thomas Pink Commuter Tie Launch Event

Mr Pink Is Thinking Outside The Box

The things we here at Dropout do for you.

As you should know by now, we try our hardest to get anything and everything we think you guys should know about.

Take last Wednesday for example, we set off to Piccadilly Circus towards Thomas Pink’s Jermyn Street store, all in aid of seeing what all the fuss was about their newly re-launched ‘Commuter tie’.

The tie is a bright little number, available in colours complimentary to the latest iPod Nano Generation, with an undeniably handy little storage space for your iPod and headphone cable. A perfect Christmas present for the business minded father figure in your life perhaps, maybe a sly way to feed that Girls Aloud addiction without the entire train having a swift nosey, or simply a nifty little piece to keep you entertained in that dreaded Monday morning meeting. Whatever way you end up using it, it is a good idea, even if you do decide on the pink one (See article Image)

As well as the Commuter Tie, Dropout noticed that Thomas Pink seem to be a bit under-rated in the grand scheme of things. We went, associating the Pink brand with businessmen, Dads, “I carry a briefcase with me at all times, just to remind people that I’m important”, you know the type. We were pleasantly surprised to see that they stock a rather more varied range. Recent additions to the brand are the variations on traditional ties – slim, sparkly, even a crochet style – high quality, tailor fit slim and skinny fit shirts (with a selection of collar choices dontcha know!). There are also some more casual options on offer in the form of lumberjack patterned shirts and cardigans which are no match for Topman’s best.

If you’re the type who’s in need of some smart clobber, Thomas Pink is definitely worth a trip, you can even grab yourself a reversible bow tie. Yes, you heard right.

‘Official tie business’ aside, the remainder of the night proved to be rather entertaining, in the form of a sales assistant, who seemed to have enjoyed the freebies at the bar… How, or why, on earth we at Dropout ended up in a political debate with him I don’t think I’ll ever manage to figure it out… I was also rather impressed with the Marina and The Diamonds track playing through the store at one point.

Just to top everything off, en route home, we spotted Diana Vickers and Ruth Lorenzo of X Factor 2008 ‘fame’ drunkenly singing through the streets to each other…

All in a day’s work here at Dropout!

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