Dropout UK @ Ricky Gervais "Science", Wembley Arena

Television & Stand-Up Funnyman Comes Home For First Leg Of UK Tour

Dropout UK were in attendance for the opening night of the London run of Ricky Gervais’ – Science and knew a good few laughs would be in store.

On arrival we make a quick dash to the bar as we were hurried to our seats before Gervais arrived on stage. With an Emmy, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA a successful TV series not to mention several film roles and a spell in the directors seat it seemed fitting that the next notch on his belt was a stint at Wembley. Yet in usual self-proclaiming style Gervais took to the stage in trademark jeans and black t-shirt, cheesy grin at the ready and joked this was just a warm up for Madison Square Gardens!

Titled Science the closest the show got to this subject was the set – a mock-up of Frankenstein’s laboratory – various test tubes bubbling away etc but we kind of got the idea that we wouldn’t be touching much on the topic when a video opened the show addressing the quantity of ‘cum’ that Gervais consumes on a nightly basis!

Science is boring anyway...controversy on the other hand is not! Gervais’s rude, crude anecdotes were as controversial as they come but were too naughty not to get a laugh. No one could be offended for too long.

Between swigs from a can of Fosters, Gervais mocked fat people, expressed his puzzlement of why the fat girl who makes an effort with everything from her hair to her nails, her makeup to her hand bag, an all out effort with downright everything except….the effort to jog. Susan Boyle gets a bashing for her “lack”” of looks as does Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden for her quite obvious lack of talent. Gervais goes on to share his annoyance at wanting to keep a goat his friends had gifted to a deprived African family in his name. Much of the jokes are cloaked in irony and his ridiculing of the nonsensicality of taking an issue with gay marriage gets a great response from the crowd.

“We despise gays for having various sexual partners, but by law this is okay, yet when they try to make their monogamous relationship (single partner) official they’re refused!?”

The strongest moment of the show came about as Gervais led us through a hilarious reading of a children’s storybook, Noah's Ark. An Atheists dream, Gervais pointed out the irrationality that a few men having a fight would serve as justification for any God to drown every being on the planet. Undermining the tale he had the audience in stitches especially when he poignantly pointed at a projected image from the book of the ark and questioned how two million species would have possibly managed to board just one boat.

Although we did note a few punch lines that weren’t fighting fit for an arena tour, we’ll give him the benefit of doubt by agreeing that, this is the purpose of an opening date.

We was a consistent level of laughter throughout tonight’s gig and that’s the thing about Gervais, he doesn’t get a great deal of belly-aching hilarity, yet there was the continual undercurrent of constant amusement from the audience.

Despite his unabashed arrogance though, and self titled comical intellect there was no standing ovation, which beggars the question whether he is yet to be considered part of comics status quo.

Well worth seeing!

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