Dropout UK @ Annie Mac Presents..., KOKO

Camden Comes Alive For DJs Signature Event

We head out to the top spot in Camden London...We are given an outstanding and momentous evening in return...

A night filled with the most immaculate sounds of Dubstep, House and Garage, massive venue, back stage passes and not an empty glass in sight. So... now we bet you can’t stay seated right, as you must be wondering where Dropout UK ventured off to during the weekend? We’ll put your mind at ease now for those of you who may not have caught on yet. We were at KoKo’s at the Annie Mac Presents gig... If you weren’t there, then you leave us wondering... where on earth where you...?

When we think about activities like gym classes, aerobics sessions or anything associated with a harsh sports game...Let’s say, rugby for instance, we think subtle warm up, then proceed onto the more tactical, hardcore sport-right? This theory goes with most things that we tend to do. However, the Annie Mac Presents gig begs to differ from this, as an intermediate, subtle-type warm up was nonexistent there. The epic sounds from the likes of ‘Redlight’ threw everyone into the deep end there was no need for a warm everyone was far in from the very beginning!
The venue was filled, ten-by-ten until eventually all three landings were non breathers and noses were almost touching. Then it was off and away with more music and more par-taay.
You could always rely on ‘Pon De Floor’ by Major Lazor featuring Vybz Kartel, to get the crowd going, as it never failed to do so. Each time it got a re-load it got a more intense reaction than it got previously. In addition, the new banging track ‘Freak’ by Estelle -Ft. Kardinal Offishall was remixed superbly throughout the course of the night, which was indeed a ground shaker, contributory to the fact that there were serious vibrations on all three landings of the venue. From the balcony it looked absolutely crazy!
And yes, there were the old skool traditional ‘Oli Oli’s’ and ‘get down lows...all the way to the floors’ which kept the crowd energized...Oh and then there was Do-naaa-oo! Who swiftly took over with his original funky sounds, the real African warrior done an excellent job in ensuring that the crowd partied hard all night long, although he must have been getting important texts on his phone that he took out on stage from time to time, hmmm...
The crowd what they had been waiting for with the arrival of ‘Golden Boy’ Tinie Tempah, who performed a few old tracks up to his latest number one hit that was pleasing to all; from his grass root fans, to a room full here and now Bass and House lovers, core he really has branched out! Tinie mentioned just before giving the crowd a taste of his track ‘Invincible’, that would be soon officially heard on his brand new forthcoming album 'Disc-Overy', ‘It is important to take it back before we take it forward’, as it was dedicated to all his true fans.

Then by the time you know it, it was time to (drum roll) 'Pass Out', and we all know what happens when that comes on, so we need not explain, just take our one worded review on that performance: C.R.A.Z.Y. Oh and Tinie crowd surfed... Not forgetting the superb band that he had behind him. Indeed, it was awesome. And then he left us all, and said in a teasing manner...’I’ll see you very soon’
And a big round of applause goes to the hip hop-house duo, Crookers, who did not fail to impress the swarm of people there...

A pretty awesome night…definitely somewhere Dropout UK will be returning to.
Annie Mac…We salute you.

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