Dropout UK @ Tinie Tempah "Pass Out" Release Showcase

Parlaphones Golden Ticket Celebrates Single Launch With Intimate Gig

Tonight, in an underground club on Great Portland Street in London, something pretty special happened. After the official release of his debut single ‘Pass Out’ this morning through iTunes, it went straight in at Number One thanks to his loyal and ever-growing fan base and phenomenal support from the underground and mainstream music industry alike. Tinie Tempah is taking the UK scene by storm and his album launch party this evening set the bar for what he’s going to achieve this year, and all we can say is you haven’t seen anything yet!

Tinie, in a get up of dark-lensed glasses, graphic t-shirt, hoodie and jean jacket Tinie took to the stage and introduced his live band before going on to thank his fans, family and the people over at Parlophone/ DL Records, to whom he’s signed. Judging by the tracks he played from his debut album, which is set for a summer release, it’s going to be huge. He really showcased his versatility as an artist tonight, performing a stylistically balladic track named ‘Invincible’ with support from an amazing female vocalist who goes by the name Vanya Taylor (one third of indie collective All About She), a reworked and funked up version of Alison Moyet’sLove Resurrection’ which he said he wants to take to Ibiza this year (it would be perfect for it, really!), and a cover of Lady GaGa’sBad Romance’ that had been stripped of it’s pop origins and grimed up in the style we’re starting to recognize as distinctly Tinie.

Playing with a live band gave him an edge and the all-important crossover ability that other artists of this genre seem to struggle with, and it injected every song he performed with a sense of real power and musicianship. It’s also so refreshing to see an artist of this caliber and style embrace what is traditionally known as live music instead of going down the safe electronic route.

This guy is a true lyricist, and during his songs ‘Tears’ and ‘Written in the Stars’ he showed the crowd why he’s signed – there’s some serious talent here. He finished this mind-blowing set with ‘Pass Out’ and got Labyrinth, who collaborated with Tinie on the recorded version of the single, out of the audience to join him. To start on a high and end on an even bigger one, as he undoubtedly did tonight, takes more than just a performance; it takes personality, passion and skill…all of which Tinie has and we can’t wait for his album to drop as his tracks are going to explode.

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