GIG: Vic Mensa @ Village Underground, London

Vic Mensa at London's Village Underground

Chicago MC Vic Mensa took to the stage at London's Villiage Underground this week for an energetic performance of tracks from new to old.

Mensa took to the stage slightly later than expected and with Future performing hit after hit just across the city at the 02 Arena, he had big shoes to fill. The Roc Nation artist entered the stage to be greated by a packed 1,000 strong crowd of US rap fans. His lateness was forgiven immediately when he went from 'Didn't I (Say I Didn't)' straight into 'U Mad'. The place erupted and what looked like urban mosh pits started to fill the crowd at centre stage! 


An upbeat evening took a more sombre spin when Vic performs 'Heaven on Earth' - a track where Mensa raps about the murder of his close friends from his perspective, his late friend's perspective and finally the killer's perspecitive. The audience fell into what felt like silence for the entirety of the track. If anyone in the crowd doubted his artisted credibility, they don't anymore. A genuinely special moment and one that left the crowd feeling like they understood the artist a little better. 


The seriousness wasn't long lived though as Mensa kicks off a rock rap track 'Rollin Like A Stoner' ad leaps into the crowd to crowd surf. When he gets back up on stage, he's met by an instrumental of Pharrells 'OMG', shortly before the show ends. 


Mensa makes it clear that he's here to please by returning to the stage for an unplanned Encore! All night Mensa has mentioned how he feels that London is his second home and is heartfelt in saying it.Those that entered as fans, left as even bigger fans and those +1's that we're dragged along now have a new favourite rap artist.

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