Central Perk Comes To Carnaby Street

Celebrating The Fifteenth Anniversary Of Friends!

“Have Dropout been all the way to New York for my benefit?” I hear you ask. No, is the simple answer.

We’ve just been on adventure to Carnaby Street where there’s a pop-up, mock Central Perk café to mark the Fifteenth anniversary of Friends. We arrived to see a healthy sized queue stretching beyond the entrance, as the Friends fanatics continued to gather to see what all the fuss was about.

Windows are decked out in green ala the show’s famous caffeine spot, and even include replica Central Perk logos plastered on them. Making our way towards the front, we began to get a bit excited… Similar to the sort of excitement one might experience whilst waiting for a fairground ride… (Easily excited, us? Never…).

Offering free coffee to those patient enough to wait in line, we happily took our mochachinos and perched on a table. Neon signs galore and famous props from the 90s series adorn the walls, including the turkey and fez ensemble (a personal favourite), Pheobe’s porno video and Joey’s Dr Drake Ramoray badge.

And then there’s the couch.

Yes, it was there. Yes, we got our picture taken on it.

We were even going to drink our coffees on it but with it being the icon that it is, we didn’t want to spill anything, and more importantly didn’t want to have to keep getting up every time someone wanted a picture taken on it. We left feeling extremely content, and with one of those nice, fuzzy feelings inside. It’s well worth a trip if you’re a Friend’s fan, even if you’re not it’s worth it for the free coffee.

Up and running until October 7th, take a trip to 67 Broadwick Street, W1F 9QY (just off Carnaby Street) to grab your freebie and take some cheesy photos.

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