LIVE: Nelly @ Musicalize, Indigo O2, London

Getting Hot In Herrrre

Rewind 15 years or so to the era when Jordan's refused to be stepped on, Nike air's were a F-O-R-C-E to be reckoned with and "Grillz" were more than a kitchen appliance for George Foreman to cook his steaks on.....Get where I'm going with this.... Cue....NELLYVILLE.

Decked out in his Hells Angels attempt all black leather jacket fresh with his customary snapback and white tee to boot, Nelly made his first concert appearance in the UK since May 2014 to a rapturous warm welcome from the offset.

Supported by UK grime act Big Narstie and accompanied by fellow St. Lunatic member Ali, the Louisville native took us through an archive of his chart topping singles from his multi-platinum album Country Grammar which included smash hits dating back from his 'E.I.' and 'Ride Wit Me' days all the way upto the modern day melodic foot tapper 'Hey Porsche' from his latest EP release M.O. keeping both expectation and energy levels higher than 9 hippies in a helicopter. #FordeHaveMercy

Temperatures began to rise in the Indigo O2 as it got 'Hot In Herre' for sure during the business end of the show. Cornell reminded us of his early 90's dominance with renditions of his collaborative efforts of 'Girlfriend' and 'Where The Party At' which had the crowd more than up for this joyous occasion.

Once again the mood changed for the better when the audience were personally invited over to Nelly's personal hotspot crooning over the Jaheim assisted "My Place" which was shortly followed up by crossover ballad "Over and Over" keeping us firmly in touch with Nelly's feminine side and female following. A more maturer musical act of recent generations minus his infamous facial band aid continued on during the evening like he started building on his bravado showcasing tongue twisting raps and Mayweather-like punch lines proving he more than has what it takes to go toe to toe with best of them in the industry.

The "Derrty Ent" performer's most recent trips to the gym were definitely appreciated by the women in the audience as the "gun show" were heavily on display throughout the course of the evening, even more so when he gave 4 lucky ladies the opportunity of a lifetime to join him on stage and shake their tailfeathers as Mr. Haynes serenaded them with moves that left little to the imagination and just enough to keep your your wedding vows intact.

After giving the crowd more than their money's worth the big man closed out the show with radio classics 'Dilemma' and 'Just A Dream' marking the return of the hip hop veteran hailing from the mid west in a night that was brought to us courtesy of Musicialize that did not fail to disappoint from start to finish!

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