RCA Records Evening of New Music

Amber Run & Laura Doggett take to the stage!

The event was held at the prestigious One Embankment venue, home to the Elle Style Awards and The Brits after party.

First to the stage was Amber Run, a five piece indie band originating from Nottingham. From the very first key played, the audience was silenced and the room was filled with mesmerising low key ambience. As the boys harmonised to self written track 'I Found' the room fell in to a state of hypnosis. They were then joined from the balcony by the ever talented LCV Choir, a choir renowned for their impressive range of vocalists and innovative take on harmony.

After performing just a year ago at Reading Festival under the BBC Introducing stage, Amber Run seem to have taken the industry by a constant state of suprise. Tickets for their debut headline tour in November are already on sale and they're well under way to selling out - as they already have in Birmingham.

Next up was Laura Doggett. Laura's online biography claims her to be "a highly distinctive voice which belies her young years, accompanied by a unique and emotional lyrics set to breathtaking melodies." and after this performance, I'm inclined to agree. Laura's unique tone owned the room, along with the people filling it. Eyes were entirely transfixed. Laura is yet to make her presence known to much of the UK, despite being named as the UK's answer to Banks.

It’s clear Doggett is eager to join the ever growing roster of dark pop vocalists and with performances like last night it won’t be long before she takes to her pedestal. 

All in all, a truly special evening.


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