LIVE: Ed Sheeran @ 3Arena, Dublin

Some Man For One Man

Ed Sheeran kicked off his sold out 4 night stint at Dublin's 3Arena on Friday, October 3rd.

Sitting among a crowd of almost 15,000 people I wasn't expecting too much when Ed strolled out on stage with his guitar. With no backing singers and not one other musician to accompany him I wasn't sure what was going to happen. Then he started to play and everything changed.

With just a loop pedal, a guitar and an undeniable talent Sheeran managed to make the 3Arena (formerly known as The O2) feel like he'd just invited us into his front room. The second the music started we all got a little bit closer and within seconds the crowd were hanging off his every word. It was an amazing sight to see a crowd of people like that in such unision. There were times when Ed didn't even need to sing like when 'A Team' began. 

To say Ed Sheeran is talented is a slight understatement. The 23-year old touched on almost every genre throughout his two hour set as he sang, rapped and beatboxed his way through the hits. He even added in some Backstreet Boys, Snoop Dogg and Chris Brown for good measure. 

The magic of what Ed does isn't down to that loop pedal or that incredible vocal of his (which I really did not expect), it's down to the stories he tells. Past relationships, family matters, tales of emigration and life affirming love are all laid out in the lyrics of Ed Sheeran's songs and to hear him explain that his latest single 'Thinking Out Loud' just tumbled out one day in kitchen is pretty unbelievable. 

With barely any production apart from some cute background images, this was one show that was purely all about the music. Listening to songs like 'Don't,' 'Give Me Love' and 'Lego House' live is a whole other experience than just listening to his CD and one I'd recommend to everybody. 

Ed Sheeran at Dublin's 3Arena is definitely a concert I won't forget for a long time. 

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