LIVE: Jason Derulo @ The O2, Dublin

Trumpets + Trampolines

Scaffolding, graffitti, trumpets and trampolines all graced Dublin's O2 stage as Jason Derulo brought his 'Tattoos World Tour' to Dublin for one night only. 

Going into this concert I wasn't too sure what to expect. Sure Jason has some pretty catchy singles but can he pull off a good show? The answer I soon found out was yes, yes he can!. Minimal production on stage was strange to see at first but once the music kicked in and the dancers got going it was easy to see what Derulo was going for. Sure there was some scaffolding and mini trampolines but they were simply there to show off Jason's slick dance moves. Dancing was a huge part of the 'Tattoos' concert as every single song was given its own routine. Even the heartfelt, ballad 'Vertigo' was given some pretty impressive interpretive dancing. 

Jason knocked out all of his hits from 'Watcha Say' to 'It Girl' and all the way up to 'Talk Dirty' - at which point I must add the audience went wild. But that was nothing compared to when 'Trumpets' kicked in. The roof of the O2 was lifted by hundreds of people screaming "Your bra reminds me of Katy Perry song" at the top of their voices. It was a special moment. 

The female heavy audience went wild for Jason and his dancers who didn't really care to wear t-shirts for some reason. Apart from some cheesey intervals, Jason came across as a real, genuine guy with bucket loads of talent. That falsetto of his is something to rival Usher and was shown off during an accoustic version of 'The Other Side' which turned the song into something so far removed form its usual dance heavy style that it shone as one of the best moments of the show. Other highlights include Derulo's comic take on Lorde's 'Royals' and once again all of that dancing. 

If you ever wonder in the future whether or not it would be worth going to see a Jason Derulo concert take my advice and go for it. The man knows how to put on a show!

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