LIVE: Drake @ The O2 Arena, London


As the house lights dimmed to darkness, and the stage began to appear, the atmosphere was indescribable. So you can imagine the reaction when 'Tuscan Leather' dropped and a silhouette appeared in front of an arena full of dedicated OVO's. It could only mean one thing right? Yep. Mr Aubrey Drake Graham had officially arrived in London Town.

With its simple but effective staging and minimal outfit changes, Drake somehow managed to make a sellout arena show, feel like an intimate gathering. This most certainly wasn't a circus extravaganza but was where pure talent, met the pure dedication of his fans. Drake led us through a meticulously put together set, that flowed effortlessly throughout, keeping the fans fully engaged. Then you can imagine the hype, when Drake's house DJ Future The Prince brought it all back to where it began, and took us through a mash up of 'So Far Gone', 'Thank Me Later' and 'Take Care' tracks, before dropping in some of his most iconic collabs. Put it this way, it was that damn good, Drake came out from his quick change, to party through it all with the packed out The O2 Arena. And the greatness didn't end there, as OVO prodigies, Jhene Aiko and tour support and XO's The Weeknd, joined who they described as a big brother and mentor on stage, with Jhene dazzling the crowd with her capturing contribution for 'From Time' before treating us all to a performance to the first drop of her EP 'The Worst'. But of course all good things have to come to end and what better way to sign of the show, then with an incredibly fitting performance of 'Started From The Bottom'.


Drake himself proclaimed, London was in fact one of the greatness cities in the world, so while watching, one of the most successful artists of our time, performing in the worlds most prolific live music venue, it's safe to say that never a truer word was spoken.

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