Columbia Records @ The Hospital Club, Covent Garden

We Heard From George, Chloe + Raleigh

Last night Columbia Records flaunted some of their hottest new artists including Chloe Howl and two of Bristol's home grown talents; George Ezra and Raleigh Ritchie.

The night kicked off with blues singer Ezra, who performed some cool tracks for us including 'Cassy'O'; a song inspired by his travel to "pretty much everywhere besides Budapest!" The catchy song is also up for download at the minute. After some more bluesy acoustic ballads, the young chap vowed 'I've got to be up at silly-o'clock in the morning as we are shooting a video,' before proceeding on to his last song 'Did You Hear the Rain'. Guitar in hand, he belted out some dark and mysterious vocals, which we all fell in love with.

Next on was a lovely young lady named Chloe Howl who gave a hot performance of carefree naughty track 'No Strings'. Lyrics included the funny punch line "You don’t even know if I am the right sex" - guess it doesn’t matter, its no strings after all! She later treated us to a performance of her latest upbeat single ‘Rumour’. The 19 year-old really got us going with her stage presence; cropped hair, nose-ring, and tongue in cheek lyrics... she nailed it. 

Last but not least actor-turned-musician, Raleigh Ritchie delivered some tracks from his much loved ‘Black and Blue’ EP.  His defiant lyrics in ‘Stronger Than Ever’ were sung on top of pounding beats and cool strings. He demonstrates his gorgeous soothing vocals on songs like ‘Overdose’ and his candid and emotive words that mean everything.

Whe look forward to hearing these guys more this year!

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