LIVE: Sasha Keable @ Servants Jazz Quarters, Dalston

Certified Talent!

Following the release of her spectacular 'Black Book' EP, rising soul queen Sasha Keable graced the stage at a sold out Servant Jazz QuartersThe 20 year-old singer/songwriter somehow managed to captivate the crowded room automatically. It was quite clear from early on that this was going to be an assured showcase of Sasha’s undeniable talent.

Backed by a band with an array of live instruments, the soul singer dived straight into cuts off her recent project. All clearly enchanted by her magic, the room listened intently to the honesty in her music. She performed tracks such as 'Asking For More', 'Lights', 'You Got Me' and 'Spoke To Myself', making sure that she delighted all of the people who came to see her. During the few moments Sasha stopped to speak to the audience, the crowd took a moment to digest the sheer talent that was before them.

Closing with the ever so popular 'Careless Over You', tonight marked the start of something special for the young songstress. Sasha’s currently carving out a debut album and is rumoured to be working with the likes of Justin Parker and Dev Hynes. With the ability to perform like this, it’s quite clear that she is about to step into the limelight and it’ll be impossible not to notice her. Stay tuned!

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