LIVE: The 1975 @ O2 Academy, Brixton

From Small Town To Big City!

Last weekend marked the transitional moment of chart topping alternative rock band, The 1975.

The four-strong band from Cheshire really knew how to get a London crowd going-and who would have thought it? Just a year ago these guys held very small gigs at Camden’s ‘Barfly’ pub and now they have taken it above and beyond. They are no longer standing in front of  a few drunken punters and a rigid fan base-no. A year later not only have they scooped a number one in the UK charts for their self-titled album, but they also dominate one of South London’s most iconic venues and sell out all three dates. Who can dispute their progress now?

There was something for everybody that night, as the band best known for their upbeat and electro pop tunes, treated us to some oldies including opening track ‘The City’ (which set us off right with its cheery production), right through to the more recent infectious ‘Girls’. Lead vocalist Matt Healy pulled a few stunts that night, firstly jumping off the stage to slap the hands of his loyal fans that fought their way to the front; he later made a brief appearance on the balcony where he belted out some vocals. Stunts aside, the hair-flicking front man impressed us all with his unique, melodic and smooth vocals on each track.

Talk!’ went down a treat as its sing-along chorus had the crowd chanting out loud whilst everyone went mad for ‘Menswear’ and resonated with ‘Sex’-a typical sleaze tune about fooling around. The band who were clad in black look slick as they played jaunty riffs which pounded the walls of the venue. Bright lights zapped across the stage whilst surreal sky and clouds sat over the audience-everything was going on.

There were slower jams from their debut album played in the middle of the 90 minute set before the exciting encore began. It was introduced with a solo piano version of ‘Robbers’ with only Healy’s vocals then it exploded into  a hot rendition of ‘Chocolate’. It was epic!

"This has been one of the best nights of our lives- thank you!" Healy vowed.

Great night!

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