LIVE: Lewis Watson @ KOKO, Camden

Boy-Next-Door Sings His Heart Out

On Monday, November 18th, Lewis Watson graced the stage at London's KOKO.

The singer/songwriter's popularity has soared in recent months, as he explained saying: "My last show was 550 people and I thought that was top...This is, like, 1,100."

At just 21, Watson has already released five EP's and won the hearts of teenage girls all over the UK. His folk-sy, pop songs have struck a chord with teenage females and there were plenty in the audience at KOKO, there to declare their love.

Watson took to the stage with just his guitar, a bass player, drummer and keyboardist. Looking smart in a bue shirt and his tousled hair tied in a ponytail, he blew the crowd away with his show.

Fans sang along word-for-word with his pop-perfect tracks such as 'Calling' and 'Sink or Swim'. He was also joined by special guests - Brit school graduate Kimberly Anne for a cover of Everything Everything's 'The Peaks' and the Guillemots singer Fyfe Dangerfield for a rendition of 'Made-Up Love Song #43'.

Watson's boy-next-door charm fit perfectly with his sweet songs, especially new tracks 'Stay' and 'Castle Street' which show a more mature, grown-up side to the singer.

If this show is anything to go by, and with the female population of the UK behind him, the future certainly looks bright for Lewis Watson.

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