LIVE: Chase and Status @ The O2, London

The Duo Upped The Tempo For Their Homecoming Gig

Chase and Status tore The O2 apart on Saturday, November 16th.

The duo got the crowd dancing, chanting and sweating for their homecoming gig as they tied up their very first arena tour.

The gig had plenty of entertainment for the eyes as well as the ears, with lasers, bursts of steam, zaps of multicoloured light and even flames. Even through technical difficulties (that made the whole arena plunge into darkness) the energy was still kept high.

It was the music the crowd was really there for though and they were not dissapointed. Guest vocalists were a particular highlight with Pusha T coming out for 'Machine Gun' and Jacob Banks for 'Alive'. Plan B and Delilah never made it to the stage but were on giant screens to sing their collaborations with Chase and Status End Credits’ and ‘Time’. 

The gig was chaotic at times but an incredible amount of fun. As the heavy bass boomed throughout The O2 it was impossible not to be entertained.

As Chase and Status exited the stage the crowd were left to catch their breath. An amazing night.

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