LIVE: Krept and Konan @ LoveDough, Proud Camden

UK's Rap Duo Put On A Show!

Right in the depths of Camden's stable market hosts a venue referred to as Proud Camden. Last night (November 8th) saw their once a month night LoveDough bring out some of the UK's finest musicians. 

As a slightly smokey, spacious room began to fill up we were first entertained by an open mic section before Manchester born grime artist Blizzard graced the stage proving to us exactly why 'Lord Of The Mics' founder Jammer will be featuring him in the 5th edition, out next year.

Talented singer/songwriter RoRo Benson was next up adding something different to the male dominated line up, one could say she gave the crowd the opportunity to mellow their spirits before they were hyped up once again for the next performance...

Rascals jumped onto the stage and gave the audience snippets from their next project entitled 'Class 90'. Bringing on Maxsta and a masked artist who coined the phrase 'Hello, Hi' - Big Narstie.

The moment everyone had been waiting for was at last here. MOBO award winning, mixtape top 20 charting, signed to Virgin EMI, rap duo Krept and Konan stepped onto the stage. The pair performed numerous tracks off their popular mixtape 'Young Kings' including the heartfelt track 'My Story', 'Young and Reckless' featuring Yungen who was brought onto the stage, the crowd favourite 'Don't Waste My Time' and many more.

Overall the night can be definitely described as one that applied immense anticipation for the headliners but in fact thats probably what its all about. Krept and Konan enjoyed their time on stage and the ladies at the front receiting lyrics word for word also had a ball.

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