LIVE: Nina Nesbitt @ KOKO, Camden

The Scottish Star Played To A Sold-Out Crowd

On Thursday, October 10th, Nina Nesbitt took to the stage at London's KOKO.

The 19 year-old Scottish singer sold out the venue, despite not yet releasing a debut album.

Nesbitt recently provided the soundtrack for a John Lewis advert, which is sure to have gained her even more fans than before.

Support for the evening came in the form of Daniel James, who kept the younger females in the crowd delighted while waiting for the headline act.

When Nina did hit the stage she opened with her successful track 'The Apple Tree'. A further 15 songs made up the rest of the setlist - some old tracks and some brand new ones.

Highlights included 'Way In The World', 'Noserings and Shoestrings' and her John Lewis advert cover of 'Don't Stop'. New tracks 'The People', 'X' and 'Peroxide' were also great and showed that Nina is progressing from her previous style in to a more punk/rock-y sound.

Overall Nina owned the stage at KOKO and made everyone all the more hungry for her debut album to come to light.

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