LIVE: Ciara @ Musicalize, IndigO2

We Love It When She 1-2 Steps

Ciara landed in London last week. Her ‘To do’ list?  Album promo, raid Topshop, and, most importantly, deliver an exclusive show at the Musicalize Female Takeover.

An all-star female line up drew in the crowds at IndigO2 on Friday night. Musicalize took over this prestigious venue to present Ciara’s only performance during her (greatly awaited and well overdue) time on UK soil.

Before the R&B heavyweight hit the stage, Musicalize supplied a flow of top talent. DJ for the night Sarah Harrison furthered that Friday feeling by spinning party-propelling tunes – G FrSH and Skepta’s ‘The Man’, So Solid’s ’21 Seconds’, Jigga and Yeezy all livened up the Instagram-fresh crowd. 

Female vocal group The Boxettes went in with a unique performance.  Dressed in black and white, the five piece proved why they were given the call up.  The group – which features world beat box champion Bellatrix – delivered a refreshing set, using only their mouths to create their music, no instruments allowed. The girls’ cover of Rudimental’s ‘Waiting All Night’ (which creatively incorporated Destiny Child’sJumpin’ Jumpin’’) was a memorable highlight.

The #ladiesonly line-up continued to kill it, one after another. Little Nikki, M.O, and Lady Leshurr came through with presence, energy and attitude, as did Dance Aid – the first dance crew ever to jump on a Musicalize stage.

The crowd awaited CiCi, and that time arrived. Rocking red leather head to toe, Ciara one-two stepped to the stage. Following an MJ-inspired opening, the superstar journeyed us through a number of hits. ‘Goodies’, ‘Lose Control’, ‘Like A Boy’, ‘Oh’, ‘Ride It’, ‘Love, Sex and Magic’ – they kept on coming. The singer looked amazing in a red leather turtle-neck crop top, matching red leather lace-panelled trousers, and red patent Doc Marten boots. Ciara’s trademark dance moves were on point. Her tight routines displayed her athleticism as she worked the stage left, right, centre, and floor. Large fans were propped along the stage front, and Ciara’s blonde bobbed hair blew gently in their breeze as she performed slower tracks ‘Sorry’, ‘Promise’ and her recent ‘Body Party’.

Mid-set, Ciara hinted at the approaching performance of a high-energy tune. She announced to an engaged audience "You guys are making me work right now. You’re really making me work tonight". A cheer followed, to which Ci replied "Since you’re making me work, I wanna see if a few of you guys can work tonight". Directing security to escort certain individuals up onto the stage, Ciara personally selected three guys and three girls from the crowd and told them "You better get up here and work. Y’all better get to it". The beat dropped, and they did just that. From backflips to whining, these fans had their time to shine, and danced in the spotlight as Ciara clapped her hands and egged them on. "Work! Work! Work! Work! Turn it up turn it up turn it up!". The American’s performance was professional and polished. She showed us how to do it.

The Female Takeover proved an excellent night with strong performances all round. What do the Musicalize team have up their sleeve for their next event? Only time will tell, and that clock is ticking!

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