LIVE: Andreya Triana @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, Shoreditch

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Hoxton Square Bar & Grill may possess one of the most intimate spaces for a live show in London, so it's fitting that last Thursday (April 10th) the venue was blessed with the presence of the pocket-sized, heart-on-the-sleeve wearing Andreya Triana. Her only album to date, the Bonobo-produced 'Lost Where I Belong', was released 3 years ago, an eternity in the music business, but the work on it is something so true and stirring that it still attracts people to her shows; and on this night the crowd would finally be treated to some new material as well, after months of whispers of a new album.

After Alex Vargas masterfully warmed the crowd up with just his guitar and voice - possibly one of the most impressive male voices in the singing world - the 250-odd people were swaying back and forth, eager for Triana to take to the stage. Three blazer-clad men walked through the crowd and took their places on the stage behind guitar, bass, and drums, and Triana followed, dressed in a snazzy jacket and bright red high heels. So it began.

What's clear from all the new material that was played is that the singer has been experimenting with a slightly edgier sound, a sound with a bit more of a punch than the 'Lost Where I Belong' material. A song for her mum, and another dedicated to a friend were standouts, the latter of which she sat on the left side of the stage for and sang beautifully while accompanied only by a soulful guitar part. Another recalling her early days in Brighton working medial jobs was fun and charming, and a befitting ode to her journey so far.

The last quarter of the show, her heels kicked off long ago now, the singer said that she couldn't end the night without a few oldies, and the three she did play are probably the highlights of her first album: the title-track, 'Far Closer', and 'Draw The Stars'. The playful and stripped back arrangements of all of them reflect what a unique, confident and experimental artist this singer really is. The entire night her interaction with the crowd was absorbing, no less when she sat at the front of the stage and lead an impassioned sing-along for 'Lost Where I Belong'. For the last of the oldies mentioned, she performed solely with a very accomplished Halo player, something truly unforgettable, captivating and wondrous.

After finishing with a roaring acoustic rendition of Chaka Khan's 'Ain't Nobody', in the middle of the crowd under the sparkling disco ball, the sadness of such a memorable night coming to an end, hosted by such a sparkling talent, was tangible in the air; there were plenty of phones recording different moments of the show to relive it though.

Hurry and give us the new album Andreya, everyone's waiting to fall in love with you all over again.

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