FILM: Life of Pi @ Soho Square, Soho

Yan Martel's 3D Adventure!

We stepped into Yan Martel’s 3 dimensional world of 'Life of Pi', a transformative novel that was placed into the trustworthy hands of director, Ang Lee and given a powerful breath of life... It is about to make its mark on the big screens... and Dropout UK were one of the first to see! 

The transcendent fable touches on cross currents and illustrates a wondrous adventure of a young Indian boy named Pi, who survives for many days and nights after being shipwrecked with zoo animals. Being stranded with a Bengal tiger on the angry waves of the Pacific Ocean would terrify many, however the Tiger Richard Parker and Pi developed a powerful relationship which allowed them to coexist. Pi’s fear of the tiger kept him alert and the fact that he had to feed Richard Parker gave him a sense responsibility which gave him a drive to continue fighting for his life.

The tale impartially covers various abstract ideas and centres on religion and faith. Despite being raised as a Hindu, Pi discovers both the Christian and Islam faith and seeks to understand God via each religion. We all question faith and religion sometimes; we also try to find the right path, so Pi journey was incredibly identifiable. 

The parable also engrosses on complex issues of spirituality and self-identification which most of us can relate to. There was nothing more moving then witnessing a young man battle with the aggressive winds, the storm, and the waves whilst maintaining the strongest of faiths until the very end. We were compelled to hold onto hope as Pi did, it was almost as if our positive energy counted for a happy and meaningful ending. 

Definitely a film you must watch, so make sure you  join Pi on his heart-felt and explosive adventure... Released on the 20th December!


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