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Are you a "Gleek"? Dropout UK are!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks you would have heard of the new US hit TV show “Glee”. The show took America by storm last year on Fox TV and now it has come to the UK.

The show premiered on E4/Channel 4 earlier this year and has had phenomenal ratings. The show is now dominating the music charts with “Don’t Stop Believin”, the title track to the show, being in the top 5 for nearly a month now. This week, four songs are expected to chart of which three will be in the top 10. So what makes this show so special?

At first, we were a bit worried it would be a TV version of High School Musical, but for all those Disney haters out there, it’s nothing like High School Musical! Firstly, the cast do not just burst randomly into song and dance like in most musicals. They perform when it’s appropriate which makes it believable.

Secondly, the show does not use original music but takes classic songs and put their own twist to them which usually turn out to be better than the original. And finally, it’s hilarious! The show writers really know how to use humour to keep the audience happy and keep it believable.

The show’s characters are possibly the best bunch of characters on any TV show. Firstly, we have the “popular kids”, which include Finn and Quinn, who are also dating, and expecting a child. Then there’s Rachel, who is a girl with a dream to be on the stage. We also have Mercedes, Tina, Artie and Kurt, the outcasts of the social hierarchy in the school as well as a few other characters who make up the Glee club “New Directions”.

Will Schuester is the head of the Glee club, a teacher that believes in his pupils. He is expecting a child this series but his wife is hiding a dark secret which adds a great twist to the series. Finally we have Sue Sylvester, cheerleading coach extraordinaire whose only motive is to destroy Glee Club.

Glee is sure to be around for a long time! Already it has won numerous awards including a Golden Globe and a People’s Choice Award, many TV shows can only aspire to win these awards in their full life-span never mind the first season.

If you like a TV show that’s funny, emotional, relatable, uplifting or just pure brilliant then Glee certainly ticks all these boxes!

Click play below to listen to the latest song from Glee, a mash-up performed by the girls that shows how Glee is so original! (There are definitely some amazing songs on the albums, “My Life Would Suck Without You” is certainly one to listen to!)


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