Julianne Moore Puts In An Impressive Performance In Erotic Thriller

This year will see the release of some long awaited motion pictures (Toy Story 3, Nightmare on Elm Street and of course the third installation from the Twilight Saga) and whilst Hollywood is churning out some blockbusters, the indie scene is competing at an incredible level. One of the films that have already shown phenomenal promise is Egyptian born and Canadian raised director Atom Egoyan’sChloe’.

After its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival last year, ‘Chloe’ has gained an impressive amount media attention. In part due to its star-studded cast, which is made up of the Hollywood heavyweights Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson, and the incredible rising young actress Amanda Seyfried who showcases her versatility in this erotic thriller.

Moore is Catherine, a Toronto-based doctor, who is convinced that her husband David, played by Neeson, is cheating on her. To try and confirm her suspicions she hires a stunning escort, Chloe, portrayed by Seyfried to act as the irresistible temptress who will be able to prove David’s unfaithful tendencies. Erin Cressida Wilson, who also wrote the kinky 2002 release ‘Secretary’, penned the script for this film and our expectations of her style are met through the provocative twist in the storyline, which sees Catherine (Moore) and Chloe (Seyfried) getting familiar in more than just the business sense.

Despite the movie’s rather frivolous Hollywood take on how to deal with the heartbreak of infidelity it does present a case for the timeless female preoccupation with aging. Moore’s character battles against much younger and therefore more typically desirable girls in the form of both Chloe and the dates of her teenage son throughout the film, and the script tackles feelings of inadequacy she has as a result of her advancing years. The only criticism Chloe has received is the apparently blank title role. Seyfried brings sexual power and allure to her character but aside from her sole purpose of seductress is a little vacant. This aside, it is a visually stunning movie set against a landscape of lust and betrayal and is due for release on the 5th March through Sony Pictures Classics.

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