COMPETITION: Win Tickets to the Premiere of New Brit Horror 'The Hike'!

Grab Yourself a Halloween Treat

'The Hike' is a relentless, traumatic feature length Brit horror lead by stars of 'Kick Ass', 'Hostel', 'The Descent' and 'Tourchwood'.

Kate (Zara Phythian) is forced to defend Torri (Barbara Nedeljakova) from her aggressive ex-boyfriend Dean (Tamer Hassan) as the group of girls leave for their trip deep into a remote part of the British countryside. Meeting a group rock climbers lead by Ethan (Ben Loyd Holmes) they enjoy their adventure, until they realise they are not alone and as darkness falls, one by one they begin to disappear. They are now in a deadly game... IT'S ALL ABOUT SURVIVAL.

This psychological horror thriller is brought to you by Director Rupert Bryan. 'The Hike' will be available to buy on DVD on October 24th.

Enter here for your chance to win 2 VIP tickets to the red carpet premiere at Leicester Square on October 19! 

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