'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'... Apparently Not!

A new survey has revealed that most men prefer curvy brunettes to skinny blondes

There is an age old tale that 'gentlemen prefer blondes' and a multi-million diet industry that leads women to believe they need to be skinny to be desired, however a new study out has revealed that mens ideal type of women is curvy brunettes.

Yep, social network site Badoo questioned 2,000 men and came back with the results that men would prefer dating a Rachel Weisz or Lauren Goodger from TOWIE to a Kate Moss.

33.1% of UK men said they prefer brunnetes to blonde, which only got 29.5% of the vote. Black beauties came in third with 28.6% and red-heads came in last place with only 8.8%.

And it seems you girls out there don't need to worry so much about your waistline as guys favoured clothes size for a girl was a curvy 12-14 getting massive 38.8% of the vote.

Skinny girls who fit into a 6-8 dress only got a measy 10% and size 18+ didn't fair well either with just 4.2% of the vote.

Blue eyes are still favourite among UK lads- with 40.2% of the vote compared to brown (29.2%), hazel (13.1%) and green (17.5%).

The survey was also carried out in France, Spain, Italy, US and Brazil- with only French men saying they prefer skinny women (better lay off the frogslegs). 

Black was also the favoured hair colour in all the other countries apart from the UK and they preferred either brown or green eyes.

Lloyd Price from Badoo said:

“I was amazed that blonde hair and size 8 did not top the list."

"Magazines are full of skinny blonde models, so it is nice to see that in reality guys prefer the girl next door look."

"Mark Wright is clearly a lucky man in the eyes on the nation.”

Do you think the results are accurate?

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