VIDEO: Lucozade Sport Lite Launch

Check Out The Stars Of The Advert!

On Wednesday 8th June, Dropout UK were invited to attend the launch of DJ Fresh’s single “Louder”, in collaboration with Lucozade, held in Ministry of Sound nightclub. With the sun shining, free food, free drinks, and Louder music, it was inevitable that this would be combined with happy people and great vibes. The song had been featured in Lucozade’s most recent advert for their Sport Lite drink which can be seen here).

With the skateboarders strutting their stuff on a temporary half-pipe, free-runners making out of the ordinary body gestures seem normal and enough food to send everyone home content, it was clear that Lucozade were prepared to entertain.

The evening’s events then moved on to the inside of the club where there was an impressive pre-show of dancers and skaters until we eventually moved into the main room for the grand showcase: DJ Fresh playing a set which started with the Louder single.

The stars of the advert performed in the middle of the dance floor, with the audience surrounding, blown away by the range of talent being displayed from the dancers and skaters alike. Shortly after, we interviewed the lead skaters of the advert, Danielle and Candice.

Check out our event feature above!

DJ Fresh’s single “Louder” is out now and available from all good music store as well as for download.

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