INTERVIEW: Mike Posner

We Definitely Do Not Think We Are Cooler Than You Mr Posner!

So Dropout UK had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Posner, the American singer songwriter who is fast becoming the hottest property in pop.

From the day he released his first single ‘Cooler than me’, there has been no stopping this young mans progression. Now with the release of ‘Please Don’t Go’ he is certain to cement his name in people’s heads. He's come a long way from writing songs in his university bedroom.

Being signed didn’t stop him from finishing his degree though. Juggling both at once highlights the determination of a man who wants to succeed and looking at what he’s already achieved, is succeeding!

This wasn’t a normal interview though….lets just say it was a random chat that kept going off on tangents! We covered everything from ovulation to strip clubs, knickers to wikipedia with a little chair spinning for good measure.

Check out the interview above!

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