We Meet Up With The Beautiful Marla

With the current influx of hot strong females storming the charts any artist hoping to break through ought to have something special in their musical armory, or at the very least be mightily determined. Thankfully for London born singer Marla, her track record proves we are dealing with one gutsy and talented young lady.

Having bravely fled the UK at 18 in search of a career in dream-maker/crusher LA, she soon found herself immersed in the film industry. Her journey began by enrolling in the LA Film school and ended with a realization while flogging her guts out on a movie set..... She couldn't ignore her musical urges anymore, she needed to find an outlet... and now! Luckily meeting US producer Tone would prove to help her rectify the aforementioned frustration and their creations would prove to be a popular choice at celebrity hangout, Bar Marmont.

If you are wondering why her face seems familiar you may have seen the full lipped brunette perform ‘Lipstick for the Vampire’ on Channel 4’s Hollyoaks Music Show. Although she didn’t take the prize her performance garnered a lot of attention from press and music fans.... people wanted to hear more! Even though we are yet to reap the listening rewards of the efforts put into her debut album, her music has already found its way on to BBC3’s ‘OFF THE HOOK’, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s film ‘Cafe’ and Lindsey Lohans ‘Labor Pains.’

If you want to see what all the buzz is about check out our recent interview or listen to her quirky latest release.. ‘Betty The Raver.’

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