SCREENING: 'Up In The Air'

Clooney Digs A Little Deeper

When I was sent my invite to the 1st ever UK screening of the film 'Up in the Air' I was excited as I'm a big fan of Jason Reitman films.

You'd think grey haired George Clooney would never want to hit anything so close to home! However as I attended the screening of his latest film, I was surprisly shocked! In his latest movie 'Up in the Air' he has proved to me that he's willing to step up as an actor and tackle even the most personal of subjects. I felt he played himself in this film, and practice makes perfect right? The director - Jason Reitman - has also directed the award winning film 'Juno' a popular one at Dropout!

I don't want to give too much away about this film, however as a quick 60 second run down I'll share with you. The film is set around different states across America, George plays a high flying man who is obsessed with earning extra miles. His job is based pretty much in the air. He goes around sacking people, yep, it's a business who go around sacking people! Which I must say is a great story line especially today as so many people have been left without a job for whatever reason. Clever huh? A film about sacking people, that's genius!

The department decide to call everybody in for a life changing meeting and in walks the new, young and beautiful Anna Kendrick, (Twilight) who plays the witty new employer, she comes to try and change the business but as much as she didn't want to admit, needs to lean on Clooney's shoulder for support physically and emotionally. They are both perfect for the roles they play. She brings colour to the film and as a viewer I found myself warming to her throughout her appearance. She was originally bad news to the company but towards the end I began to like her. With it being the 21st century and all, she goes about building software so that all sacking can now be done over web cam. No need for flying which means NO more earning extra miles! Now Ryan Bingham (George Clononey) who has no complaints about being the high flying loner he is, objects to her new idea as this means... Shock shock horror horror! He's going to have to return to his home town and communicate and settle down. However along the way there are a few surprises.

This film was cleverly written,Jason Reitman has a beautiful way of using real life issues and throwing them into his films. There are real emotions on screen. It puts things into perspective, with how the World is changing; it's a lot more go go go.

This film covers the hectic lifestyles of today, the twisted world of how we always have to earn points or miles to get something bigger and better! It's frustrating but this film even covers that! You do begin to feel sympathetic towards George. He did an excellent job! His voice is slightly annoying, can it be any more husky?! Will he ever make a connection?! With anybody? Come on George you can do it! There was a scene in this film where I couldn't help but smile, when they're out on a boat and end up being rescued-I'm not giving it away, honest!

The camera captures a realistic moment, the laughs and smiles on their faces as they step off the boat and run onto the beach into their hotel, it's something so real and beautiful. It's something film makers these days fail to do! It's so simple and it's these small things that make this film a 'real' film.

Here at Dropout UK we'll stay Jason Reitman supporters! I hope you agree. Jason definitely has something special. We saw it in Juno too, real life issues projected in a touching way. I feel Jason Reitman isn't very good with words, but when he creates these films he speaks a way in which his voice can't. It's a moving and very touching film. I'm sure George Clooney fans will be flooding out of the cinemas even more in love with him. Advice for those who might go green at the slightest movements... Close your eyes for the first 3 minutes...

Up In The Air will be released in the UK on the 15th January 2010.

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