TRAILER: Little Fockers

Pitter Patter Of The Feet Of Mini Fockers!

Remember the end of 2004's "Meet The Fockers"? The whole secret they were keeping from Jack? Well, the baby has arrived plus one!

With a different director to the previous two films (Meet The Parents and Meet The Fockers), Paul Weitz is now the one in the director's seat and he promises the third Focker film will be just as huge!

However, Jack (Robert De Niro) is still up to his old spying games and he's not accepting Greg (Ben Stiller) just yet. Laugh yourself silly as Greg attempts to prove to his sceptical, nosey father-in-law that he can be the man of the house.

With the usual all-star cast of Owen Wilson, Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand, Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four) also makes an appearance!

The perfect Christmas comedy for the family, out December 22nd.

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