Lets Not And Say We Did

Anyone ever feel a bit boring compared to your mates? Ever wanted to fit in? Ever lied in order to be accepted? Olive has!

"Easy A" is the story of a young misfit, who lies about losing her virginity, only to discover that the typical high school rumour mill has begun to turn and instead of denying the reputation it creates for her, she begins to rely on it to boost her social and financial status.

Directed by Will Gluck, a little-known American TV director. It's his second film, after his first directorial role on the set of "Fired Up!" in 2009, saw him produce another high school set film.

Starring Emma Stone (Superbad, Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past, House Bunny) as Olive, Amanda Bynes (She's The Man, Hairspray) and Lisa Kudrow (Friends, Paper Man), "Easy A" is one for anyone who likes the cheesy high school films a la "Mean Girls".

Released October 22nd.

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