FASHION: Style Rooky To Up 'n' Coming Fashonista!

We Introduce You To Tavi Gevinson!

For the fashion legend that was Yves Saint Laurent, who so sadly departed from the wonderful world of fashion in 2008, came the female tuxedo that has become the norm in every woman’s closet. Like the great YSL once stated, “ Fashion fades, but style is eternal”.

It seems like Tavi Gevinson has taken these very words and adapted them to her own achievements. To some she is just a name, to others she is just a little 13-year-old Chicago schoolgirl, but to the world of fashion she is Andre Leon Talley, Ana Wintour and all the innovative fashion designers all wrapped into one. Tavi has taken the fashion world by storm through her blog www.tavi-thenewgirlintown.blogspot.com.

What started as a hobby, from an enthusiastic young teen - who clearly has years of knowledge, that many consider beyond her intellectual ability - has become the talk of the fashion world. Forget the numerous fashion weeks and new season collections gracing the catwalks, this year's fashion week is all about Tavi Gevinson, the new girl in town who has raised the bar in terms of expectations and how she sees the fashion world. Her blog has a minimum of a million hits per month from people in search of new trends, couture fashion tips and what’s hot and what’s not.

Come on, it's obvious that the young girl has talent, and like most teens in this generation, she's using modern technology to the best of her ability. I mean would you rather she got knocked up with sextuplets and become famous for being the world’s youngest mother to have multiple babies? Well of course there is that one sicko hoping that was the case rather than her new found success as an up-and-coming fashion icon. So why is everyone up in arms about the fact that she is 13!

At 13 she has headlined New York Fashion along with the industry bigwigs, although she has had to miss a week of school to attend the prestigious show, it was a once in a lifetime chance that could open doors for her career prospects, which at this point seem pretty obvious.

Personally speaking this young girl is a breath of fresh air, because we have already embraced child actors, rappers, dancers and singers, so why not embrace young fashionistas, whether they are designers, journalists or stylists. I think it's time the world got a few tips from Tavi, watch out for her because we at Dropout think... No let me re-phrase that, we at Dropout know she will be making her mark in the world of fashion in the not too distant future, regardless of her age. Watch this space...

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