TRAILER: "Predators"

Fear Is Reborn

Next month sees the release of this thriller of a film!

It's categorised as sci-fi/action/horror, which may put some people in mind of an Alien-esque film and while you wouldn't be far wrong, it looks to be slightly more scary and clearly difficult to place, in terms of genre.

Hungarian but LA-born Nimrod Antal directs. He's best known for several Hungarian films, however his first American film "Vacancy", another horror film, starred Kate Beckinsale and grossed $28.4 million dollars worldwide since its release back in 2007. Nimrod was selected by world-famous director Robert Rodriguez -who directed "Spy Kids" and "Sin City"- to direct "Predators".

Adrien Brody -who provided the voice of Rickety the Field Mouse in the 2009 film "Fantastic Mr Fox" and starred in 2002's "The Pianist"- stars alongside Topher Grace ("Win A Date With Tad Hamilton" and "Valentine's Day") and Danny Trejo ("Spy Kids" and "From Dusk Till Dawn") as members of a group of elite warriors, who find themselves being hunted by an army of formidable aliens called Predators.

Watch with your hearts in your mouths, as the group fight for survival in a hunt-or-be-hunted world.

"Predators" is released July 8th in the UK.

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