TRAILER: "Kick-Ass"

The Superhero Movie With A Twist!

This spring sees something different in the superhero movie world!

Matthew Vaughn directs the story of an awkward teenager, who decides to become real life superhero Kick-Ass, despite having no powers or training. His transformation starts a revolution as regular citizens become real life superheros and they fight crime together to help make the world a better place!

Starring Nicholas Cage and a host of new upcoming actors, this adaptation from the Marvel comic-book series of the same name looks like the awesome comedy/superhero film it's meant to be!

The screenplay is written by Jane Goldman, Jonathan Ross' wife, who also wrote the screenplay for "Stardust" in 2007.

It's out tomorrow- March 26th- not April as the trailer states, as it isn't released in the US till April!

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