TRAILER: Nightmare On Elm Street 2010!

Freddie Kruger's Back!

Attention Dropouts! The whispers and rumours are true!

Get ready to have flashbacks of those winter nights where your older brother locked you in the basement, tied to a chair with the TV on full blast, stuck on this horror… (Or maybe that was just me…?)

Nightmare On Elm Street will have a makeover and release in 2010. The main outline of the story is…

Freddy Krueger, when alive, killed and tortured dozens of kids within the Springwood area, which led to his nickname 'The Springwood Slasher'. The parents of Springwood got their own back by burning Freddy alive in his own home, what they didn't know was the nightmare had only just begun. Freddy Krueger can still kill; with every child he kills his power will get stronger! Don't fall asleep; he will get you in your dreams, stay awake!

We’ll be off to a screening the second the film is signed off so be sure to get the exclusive review here.

In the mean time, click the play icon below to take a look at the pretty thriller-tastic trailer!

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