TRAILER: "Toy Story 3"

No Toy Gets Left Behind!

After ten long years of waiting, it's finally out this summer!

Lee Unkrich, a long time member of the Pixar creative team- who worked on both the other two Toy Story fims- is directing the third Toy Story movie, starring Tom Hanks as the voice of Woody and Tim Allen as the voice of Buzz in what promises to be THE animated film of the year.

This time, Andy is off to college and the toys are donated to a day-centre. However, when they hear that Andy is looking for them, they begin to plan their escape!

Disney/Pixar got it right with the other two Toy Story films- is this one gonna smash the box office too? It's out on June 18th and it looks like it's going to soar high above all our expectations!

Press the play icon below!

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